Coming to the realization that you may need to file bankruptcy is difficult. We offer a free full length consultation to discuss these issues with you in a personal and understanding manner. Keith Karnes is an experienced attorney who can discuss whether bankruptcy is the right option, or if there are better solutions to your financial issues.

When deciding if you should file bankruptcy consider:

  • Can you make all of your monthly payments with your earnings? Or are you going further into debt each month?
  • Could you afford to make your home payment if you wiped out your credit cards and medical bills?
  • Have you suffered a severe financial setback, either through losing your job or becoming seriously injured?
  • Do you have wages or other income that creditors can garnish if you don’t pay your bills?
  • Do you have several debts that are giving you difficulties?
  • Is it unfeasible to budget yourself out of debt within the next five years?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, bankruptcy may be right for you. We can help you determine if bankruptcy is the best option. Sometimes, we recommend other options like tax settlements, mortgage modifications or loan workouts. For others, bankruptcy is the best choice.

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