Chapter 7 is the most common type of bankruptcy where you can wipe out most of your debts and in most cases, you can keep all of your property. Learn more.

Chapter 13 will wipe out most of your debts like chapter 7. However, it also allows you to repay certain debts over time that cannot be wiped out such as recent income taxes. Chapter 13 can also stop a foreclosure and give you time to catch up on your missed home payments. Learn more.

Chapter 11 is a reorganization for businesses or individuals who do not qualify for chapter 13. Chapter 11 can allow you to keep all of your assets, continue operating your business and work out a plan to repay your creditors over time. Learn more.

Chapter 12 is a bankruptcy just for farmers and fishermen. Chapter 12 allows you to lower the interest on your mortgage and stretch out your payments over time while you keep all of your assets and continue to operate your business. Learn more.

Foreclosure Defense

If you find yourself in foreclosure and do not want to file bankruptcy we can assist you in keeping your home. Foreclosures in Oregon are done either judicially when the bank files a lawsuit to foreclose or non-judicially where the bank serves a 120 day notice of a sale of your home. In either case, we can create a plan to save your home. Learn more.

Loan Workouts

Many small businesses and individuals can avoid bankruptcy by working with us to negotiate a loan workout with your creditors Often, creditors will want to avoid bankruptcy because it slows down their ability to collect and can often leave them with no money. By offering loan workouts you can make affordable payments on your debts. Learn more.

Consumer Litigation

If you are the victim of identity theft, collection harassment, or inaccurate credit reporting we can help. In most cases we can take your case on a contingent fee, meaning we won’t be paid unless we recover money for you. If you are having problems with a bank, credit union, debt collector, or credit reporting agency, contact us for a free consultation. Learn more.

Tax Defense

If you have the IRS or Oregon Department of Revenue garnishing your wages or bank accounts, we can often negotiate a deal with them to stop collecting while we settle your tax debts. We can help you prepare unfiled returns, stop garnishments and levies, and often settle your taxes for a small percentage of what the IRS or ODR is attempting to collect. Learn More.