Keith Karnes can help you through the steps of the bankruptcy process. From the free initial consultation through checking your credit report after the case is over, we can help.

The steps for a chapter 7 are:

  1. Contact our office for a free consultation about your bankruptcy options.
  2. Send us your questionnaire, supporting documents and fees.
  3. Complete your credit counseling. We recommend Use attorney code KL14394. Access hope is informative and the post bankruptcy counseling is provided by Dave Ramsey.
  4. When the bankruptcy documents are prepared, we will meet and sign them. Then we will file your case.
  5. Attend the first meeting of creditors, also called the 341(a) meeting. Here is an example of what happens at this meeting:
  6. Complete your post-filing credit counseling.
  7. If you are going to reaffirm your vehicle or other loan, attend a reaffirmation hearing. Here is an example of a reaffirmation hearing:
  8. About 2 months after the meeting of creditors you will receive your discharge. This completes your case.
  9. If you have creditors continue to collect after they have been discharged, or if your credit report shows that you owe money to creditors who were included in your bankruptcy, please contact our office. We will be happy to help resolve these matters at no additional charge to you.


341(a) Meeting