Keith Karnes has been recognized as providing excellent representation for consumers throughout Oregon and Washington who face battles with banks and other financial institutions, debt collectors, mortgage lenders, and credit reporting agencies over important legal issues surrounding unfair debt collection practices, wrongful foreclosures, and improper credit reporting.

Keith has worked with the legislature to write laws to protect consumers from debt resolution scams, foreclosure prevention scams, and illegal debt collection. He has litigated many cases against all kinds of companies, from the smallest bill collectors to credit reporting agencies and the largest banks.

If you are having financial struggles that you cannot resolve, we offer help in bankruptcy negotiation and litigation. If you think a debt collector, bank or mortgage lender has done something illegal, you are probably correct. Below are some of the most common examples of illegal conduct engaged in by debt collectors and money lenders:

  • Reporting false information on your credit report
  • Attempting to collect on a debt that is not yours (due to identity theft or other mistakes)
  • Foreclosing on your home when you are regularly making your mortgage payments
  • Force placing insurance on your home or car when you are already insured
  • Making harassing phone calls such as threats to call the police or have you thrown in jail
  • Calling you repeatedly to harass or annoy you
  • Calling you when you have an attorney
  • Calling your employer regarding a debt
  • Attempting to collect money in excess of what is owed
  • Lying to a court while trying to collect a debt
  • Collecting during a bankruptcy or after your debt has been discharged

If you have experienced any of these types of problems or other problems involving financial institutions, we are happy to provide a free consultation. In most instances we are able to recover our attorneys’ fees from the defendant, meaning that we can provide you with quality legal representation with little or no cost to you. We maintain offices in Salem and are licensed to practice throughout the states of Washington and Oregon. Don’t spend another sleepless night in worry or risk losing your home to a wrongful foreclosure. Contact Keith Karnes for immediate assistance.