When bill collectors engage in harassment, dirty tricks, and outright fraud in an attempt to collect a debt from you, the Washington and Oregon consumer law attorney Keith Karnes is here to stop the illegal, threatening and harassing behavior and recover any monies which have been wrongfully taken from you by unfair debt collection practices as well as other damages.

Debt collectors have been known to try to collect on debts that are not valid or are no longer owed, including debts created by identity theft, debts which have been wiped out in bankruptcy, and debts which are past the statute of limitations, or too old to be collectible. Federal and state laws exist to protect the consumer from this unlawful conduct, and our lawyer has years of experience filing lawsuits against debt collectors for unfair debt collection. Examples of illegal collection activity include:

  • Calling you at work when the collector has been told not to do so
  • Communicating with your employer
  • Threatening you with criminal prosecution or jail
  • Calling your home early in the morning or late at night, or at inconvenient times when you have told them not to call
  • Calling repeatedly just to harass or annoy you
  • Speaking with your friends or neighbors about your debts
  • Trying to collect a debt that is not owed due to identity theft
  • Trying to collect interest, fees or costs that are not allowed by law or contract

We have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars from debt collectors who have violated federal or state debt collection laws. Both state and federal law allow you to recover your attorneys’ fees from a debt collector who violates the law, so we may be able to take your case for very little out of your pocket. You don’t need to allow this harassment to go on for one more minute. If you are being harassed, annoyed or victimized by overly-aggressive or deceptive bill collectors, contact Keith Karnes at our Salem office for a free consultation and immediate assistance.