We have many options to save your home from foreclosure, including loan modifications, wrongful foreclosure litigation, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If your lender has engaged in illegal conduct and is foreclosing we can file suit against your lender and ask a judge to stop the foreclosure. We have experience filing suit against lenders whose foreclosure attempts are based on errors they have made, such as:

  • Lender is foreclosing when you are current on mortgage
  • Lender has force placed insurance when you have already insured the property
  • Lender pays incorrect amounts of property tax
  • Lender misapplies payments during a Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Do to current legal developments, many foreclosures are now being filed with the courts. If you need help defending yourself against a foreclosure action filed in court, we can help. Keith Karnes has been a featured speaker and author of materials on this topic for the Oregon State Bar, Hope for Homeowners programs, and other events sponsored by government agencies in Oregon.

Foreclosure Help Through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can allow you to catch up on missed payments and avoid a foreclosure, or buy you the time you need sell your home and get your equity out of the property. One benefit in particular is that if you have more than one mortgage and your home is worth less than the debt owed to the mortgage lender, you may be able to strip off your second mortgage in a Chapter 13 proceeding. For more about Chapter 13 click here.

Loan Modification and Foreclosure Defense

If you have a mortgage that you simply cannot afford, you may wish to get in touch with a HUD-certified housing counselor who can work with you for free to modify your mortgage payment to one you can afford. For professional assistance in negotiating a loan modification with your lender, defending against a wrongful foreclosure, or seeking relief through Chapter 13 bankruptcy, contact Keith Karnes.