Loan workouts are an alternative to bankruptcy. In many cases, we can work out a plan where you pay back less than the full amount of the loan. If you have a few creditors who are owed a substantial amount of money and you have the ability to either make a lump sum or structured payments to settle your debts, you may be able to avoid bankruptcy. We have extensive experience working out settlements with creditors. We can work out a settlement that returns collateral, makes payments over time, or makes a lump sum payment to settle a debt in full.

As a condition of a loan workout we can often reach an agreement for the creditor to delete all credit reporting involving the debt. Then you will avoid the bad credit that comes from filing bankruptcy, and you can potentially clear your credit report of the negative information from the loans that settle.

If you would like to discuss offering a loan workout to your creditors, call Keith Karnes for a free consultation.